da Vinci Learning Center about
Serving the unique educational needs of the highly gifted and the learning disabled

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Welcome to the da Vinci Learning Center, a psychology and educational therapy practice centered around understanding and meeting the needs of people who may not be a good match for typical classroom or work environments. I work primarily with children, adolescents, and adults who manifest giftedness, learning disability, or multiple exceptionality, as well as with families, couples, and professionals. I offer a wide variety of services, including therapy, mentoring, assessment, enrichment, remediation, program development, parent and teacher guidance, public speaking, and professional consultation.

I draw upon my analytical background as a research scientist, my practical background as a classroom teacher, and my professional training as both a clinical psychologist and an educational therapist, to develop an approach tailored to each client?s individual needs. I focus on understanding the complexity of the person-in-context, capitalizing on strengths and shoring up weaknesses. My goal is always to build a person?s range of adaptive skills, self-understanding, capacity for self-regulation, and independence, to help them identify and effectively follow their passions. I also strongly believe in helping interested parents, educators, and clinicians develop their own knowledge and skills.

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