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da Vinci Learning Center

Aimee Yermish, Psy.D.

Office address:
14 Red Acre Road #3
Stow, MA 01775


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Mailing address:
30 Carriage Lane
Stow, MA 01775

Massachusetts Licensed Psychologist
Health Service Provider
License #9497

Hints on finding my office:
"When 200 years old you are, look so good, you will not."

My office is on the first floor of the Hosmer House, built in 1810. It is at the corner of Red Acre Road and Route 117 (Great Road), on the Stow Lower Common, the main shopping area in town. The Marquis de LaFayette even visited here in 1824. Don't be put off by the outside; you're in the right place.

To get here, come down route 117 / Great Road to the shopping area with the Shaw's grocery store. From the main parking lot, you can go around the Papa Gino's to a small frontage road, and make a left into a gravel parking lot behind the building. If you're coming south on Red Acre Road, go just past the white house, turn onto the frontage road, and then turn left into the gravel lot. What looks like the original front door of the house is no longer an entrance. Instead, go up the stairs to the side door, and come into the foyer.