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da Vinci Learning Center sketchbook
da Vinci Learning Center

These are articles I have written on various topics related to giftedness, learning disability, multiple exceptionality, and the process of helping folks with learning differences of all kinds.

da Vinci Learning blog This is a space for a conversation on giftedness, learning disability, multiple exceptionality, education, psychology, and how they all interact. Articles I think people might want to be able to get back to later will also be linked below.

Oh, no, my kid might be gifted! Where do I start? I field a lot of phone calls from people who are just getting started in the whole business of being a parent of a gifted kid and finding themselves overwhelmed. Here's (a) permission to relax (b) some basic things to start with.

Clues on finding a therapist for a gifted client: Another question I get asked a lot is for referrals for psychotherapists for gifted clients. Unfortunately, the situation is a bit complicated. I provide some explanations of why and what you can do to find a good fit here.

Dissertation: Cheetahs on the Couch: As part of my work towards the doctorate in clinical psychology, I studied how gifted individuals experience the therapeutic working alliance in individual and family psychotherapy. You can read about what I found here.

Multiple Exceptionality: Description of what multiple exceptionality is and some of the issues involved in assessment, advocacy, and program planning for people with multiple exceptionalities.

  Serving the unique educational needs of the highly gifted and the learning disabled